Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport provides Aircraft Boarding Ramp (BAR Series Passenger Switchback Ramps) in every airport over Thailand, to support an elderly society, human equality and Tourism for All.

14th January 2020, Mr. Krisana Lalai; the President of Friendly Design for All Foundation and Nation TV senior editor with Friendly Design ambassador called on Mr. Thavorn Senium, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport.

On this occasion, Friendly Design team, and the Deputy Minister were discussed on the Developing of the air transportation model.

This will be the idea to provide special facilities for wheelchair users in order to support Tourism for All concept.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Thavorn Senium holding position to control the 7 places of Government Air Transportation as follows:

1.Department of Airport (DOA)
2.Thai Airway International Public Company (THAI)
3.Aeronautical Radio of Thailand LTD (AEROTHAI)
4.THAI-Amedeus Southeast Asia (Amadeus)
5.Civil Aviation Training Center (ICAO)
6.Thai Smile Airways Company Limited
7.Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel Company Limited