About us

About us

Friendly Design for All Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on September 24, 2015 by Mr. Krisana Lalai, the wheelchair journalist, President of the Foundation. The foundation aims to campaign and encourage public and private sectors to realize the importance of Friendly Design in order to facilitate people with all ages and physical conditions to be inclusively accessible in buildings, tourist attractions, transportation, information services and all public services equally.

The purposes of the foundation are as follows.

1. To campaign and enhance the understanding of Friendly Design (or Universal Design) to facilitate safe and convenient living for elderly people, rehabilitation patients, people with disabilities, pregnant women and young children.
2. To drive and develop Friendly Design in Thailand to be modern and advanced by stimulating and propelling all public spaces, buildings, religious places, educational institutes, tourist attractions, public transportation and all forms of public services to be Friendly convenient, safe, modern, inclusive and equal for all users.
3. To encourage and select Thai youths, students and people who are ready to be the key force to convey the awareness of Friendly Design to society to be Friendly Design Ambassadors
4. To help the elders and people with disabilities about Friendly Design matters or help providing public sourcing or make facilities that are public in various areas as far as budget is concerned.
5. To exhibit, run activities and coordinate to achieve synergy form all sectors in order to create good environments and provide Friendly Design in buildings and public areas all over Thailand for all people of all ages and physical abilities to utilize. This will strengthen equality and reduce social inequalities.
6. To carry out or collaborate with charitable organizations and public organizations for public benefits.
7. Do not do anything concerning politics.

Past performance

1. Holding Thailand Friendly Design Expo 2016 on September 30th – December 3rd 2016.
2. Driving Thailand to be Friendly Design City and Tourism for All City.
3. Presenting the Taxi London Model Project for the development of public transportation in Bangkok
4. Organizing the Volunteer Gathering Party year 1 – 4 to campaign and promote Friendly Design in Thailand to ASEAN community.
5. Creating the event “Friendly Design Ambassadors Meet Young Blood” in educational institutes all over the country.
6. Campaigning and driving “Friendly Design Model City” in many provinces in Thailand such as Tak Province, Nan Province, Phitsanulok Province, Nakhon Phanom Province, Khon Kaen Province, Chonburi province, Surat Thani Province, Phang Nga Province etc.

Contact us at fdexpo.th@gmail.com


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